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To our valued customers!

In stock items are shipping daily! We have stock on many items, and we're out of stock on several items. We have regularly scheduled shipments coming in at normal intervals. Please see the out-of-stock** list below. Any out-of-stock items ordered will be backordered until new inventory is available, estimated July 2022. 

We ask all customers to order as needed, just as you would under normal circumstances. If you're trying to buy 10 years worth of inventory, buying to resell at inflated prices, or just panic buying when you don't need to, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! So again, please buy as needed and help curb the pandemonium.

JJ Electronic is running at capacity, as they have been for many years. JJ is a fully independent European manufacturer. They’re not in Russia. They’re in the Slovak Republic which is a NATO country. 

Yes, NORMAL prices have increased due to worldwide shortages of raw materials and labor. Our prices reflect this. Prices from other sources that are 2-3x what they were just two months ago do not reflect this... 

Remember, we do NOT charge extra for low noise/microphonics! All tubes (Pre and Power) are screened for noise, and our power tube matching is the best in the industry. Please keep in mind every single tube we sell is tested and inspected by hand on our premises. We will NOT sacrifice our QC to speed up our turnaround time. Our testing process combined with high order volume is the reason for our current shipping lead time. 

Things will get better, and we're doing our best to keeps things business as usual!

Out-Of-Stock List:
6L6GC, 5881, EL34, E34L, EL34II, 6CA7, KT77, KT88, ECC803S, 5Y3S, EZ81 

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