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It’s our 20th anniversary! Yup, started ET in April of 1998! We will be sending out some really nice 7” X 9” custom printed Microfiber cloths and new stickers with every order that is $25.00 or more. We have a couple thousand of them which should run us thru sometime in May. These are great for wiping down your guitars!  

Over the next month we will be announcing some big news about changes we are making and some new products so stay tuned! A big Thanks to all of our customers!!

Here at Eurotubes we have turned the testing and matching of vacuum tubes into an art form. Since 1998 we have used "state of the art” and custom made equipment to insure that you get the absolute highest quality tubes possible.


All of our products are crafted in this manner.


It is our passion!

Please note that we do not sell tubes on ebay or amazon. Unfortunately we get a lot of phone calls and email from players who have ordered JJ tubes from amazon and ebay wanting technical help and warranty service. While we always give technical help we don’t warranty tubes not purchased from us. The vast majority of ebay and amazon sellers buy untested tubes wholesale and then retail them without testing them and without any knowledge of the product.

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