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When you think about Bass amps the first word that comes to mind for most tube amp lovers is Ampeg and even though Ampeg is now owned by LOUD Tech they are still producing and expanding the Ampeg line and doing a great job of it. There is really no other company that has continued or "reissued" a line of amps that has been, and still is faithful to the original as Ampeg. Fender bought the SUNN name and "reissued" them but they were nothing even close to the originals. The best reissue in our opinion was the SUNN 300T Bass amp which again is nothing like any original SUNN amp ever made but the 300T which is now available as the Fender 300 Pro is an outstanding Bass amp. You can read more about it on the Fender Bass Amp page. Back to Ampeg! We still see original SVT's from the first production year of 1969 but the majority of original survivors are from the 70's. Now as most of the originals are living in amp collections and studios we mainly see the SVT Classic. The SVT CL is a great sounding amp and quite roadworthy. In the past we have always used the JJ KT88's in both vintage and the new SVT's. Now that JJ Electronic introduced an amazing 6550 Ampeg is now using them in all their new Heritage SVT's. The pic below is from the 2011 NAMM show.   Ampeg clearly has been listening. So now there is an option for power tubes, the JJ 6550's will maintain the output or volume, and will be a very nice upgrade in tone from other 6550's. However, if you want even more power and depth from your tube powered SVT no matter what model or year then the JJ KT88's are the way to go. So whether you play an original, a Classic or a Pro series if you want real thunder we can help you get there.
Ampeg uses JJ Electronic tubes - Eurotubes
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