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If you own a combo amp you have probably encountered "tube rattle". In short, it sucks... But if you think about the fact that you're putting tubes inside of a speaker cab and then beating them to death with every note you hit, you really can't blame them for talking back. We have never encountered any brand of tube, NOS or new production that is impervious to rattling at one frequency or another. For years we have tried different tube dampers and that are available and standard silicone "O" Rings but the sizes available only gave a minor reduction in rattle. The harder durometer standard rings just didn't have the density to absorb vibrations very well. After experimenting with tube dampers in torture chambers (combo amps) for quite a while we finally decided to build them right. We had our own mold made for these and our “EuroDampers” are made from a softer than standard durometer, special high temp silicone. These are BIG dampers and measure 1.45 in diameter by .375 tall and are usable on all 9 pin preamp tubes and EL84’s. These are now available in the online store at 4.50 each. The picture below on the right shows a pair installed on a Blues Jr, so they will fit even with the bar tube retainer. The EuroDampers are also available in a “Large” and “Extra Large”. The Large size measures .375 tall and 1.800 in diameter and are usable on all 6V6's, GZ34's, 5U4's, EL34's, E34L's, KT77's and 6L6's to name a few. The only power tubes we do not recommend the large EuroDamper rings for are the sovtek and chinese 6V6's, EL34's and small bottle rectifier tubes where the tube itself is 1/8" smaller than the octal tube base is. The Extra Large EuroDamper measures .375 tall with a 1.500 inside diameter and a 2.200 outside diameter. These are for 6550’s and work well on the tops of KT66’s and KT88’s. These will also work on 300B and 2A3 triode tubes.
Eurotubes Tube Damper Rings Eurotubes Tube Damper Rings Eurotubes Tube Damper Rings Eurotubes Tube Damper Rings
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