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11/19/13    A first look at another new tube from JJ! Over the last few months we have been testing yet another new tube from the good people at JJ Electronic. The JJ ECC83 MG is a “Mid Gain” 12AX7 type tube. It utilizes a medium length ribbed plate design that is much like the old Amperex and Brimar European designs. It retains all of the definition and detail that the ECC83S short plate and the ECC803S long plate tubes have but it has slightly less gain than the ECC83S but a bit more gain than the ECC803S. Sonically it’s nice and thick sounding with a good edge that’s not brittle. It has plenty of definition even when used in an amp with lots of gain and the microphonics are very low. The ECC83 MG is a little more polite than the ECC83S which is pretty aggressive. The ECC83 MG has a fair amount of harmonic density but remains very open sounding whether played clean or overdriven. All in all it’s a really nice sounding tube and we will have the first production run in late December!
JJ Electronic ECC83MG - Eurotubes
09/12/12  Eddie finally got around to doing a write up on his first amp build, a gorgeous ode to the legendary Marshall JTM45. Checkout the "DeForest 45" here.
06/25/12  A word from "Conrad Amps" From: Conrad Engineering  Sent: Friday, June 22, 2012 5:30 PM To: Eurotubes Support Subject: JJ TUBE TESTIMONY Hello all Eurotube members of the Tube Hall of Fame. I purchased a Blues Jammer amp from a fellow who purchased it from one of my customers. When the amp came in I put the amp on the Oscope and I've never seen such a terrible wave form. The amp had been violated with a weird assortment of tubes namely 2-GE 12AX7's, Jan Phillips 12AT7WC, Sovtek 12AX7LPS, 2- Tung-Sol 5881, JJ 5AR4. I First replaced all the preamp tubes. Much better but still had a weird wave form. Replaced the 5881's with JJ 6L6GC's – Yea, perfect. Improved performance and output swing. The only tube kept was the JJ 5AR4. JJ all the way, baby! Conrad Sundholm Conrad Engineering, LLC http://www.conradamps.com
04/20/12 Ever heard of "Young Guitars"?  No?  YOU WILL!  A few days ago Young Guitars dropped in to see ET, check them out here!  
04/12/12 Meet the new "last word" in vacuum tube matching! Read about The Kamna Vacuum Tube Matcher on our Testing info page.
02/15/12 Another milestone! We have our new all in one Eurotubes "Pro One" Bias Probes ready to go! See them here.
On 06/15/11 we finally succumbed to all of you who asked us to participate on Facebook. It has turned out to be a wonderful experience thanks to all of you! We’re glad we listened to you!     Eurotubes on Facebook
1/06/14   A BIG sneak peek at JJ Electronics' new 300B powered guitar amp! Check it out here!
11/07/14   A HUGE week for ET! A brand new website and online store! In June of 2014 software was acquired to modernize the website and store. For the past six months we have been working long hours to update the nearly one hundred pages of the original ET website and consolidate them down in to a more fluid and accessible format. We managed to compress the new website down to about ninety pages but we think you will find all the information easier to obtain! We wanted to integrate our online store with the website, and that was no easy task. It was a six month journey but well worth the effort! Now you can move from the website to the store seamlessly. We have more than tripled the number of Retube™ Kits in the store and introduced “Customizable Retube™ Kits”. You can read a little more about this on our “Welcome” page. This would not have been possible without the services of our longtime associate, computer wizard, and friend, Chris O’Dea. An endless THANK YOU to Chris and our computer hardware man Harvey Winters who have over many years pulled us from countless fires and helped to make this possible!
10/03/14  We just announced two new tubes from JJ Electronic on our Facebook page! The photo’s below are the prototypes we’ve been testing and we will have new production in stock as soon as they are available which looks like the first part of November! The JJ 5881 is not a cut down or relabeled 6L6, it’s truly a new design intended to capture and improve on the original vintage 5881’s. A lower power tube in the 23 watt range and the first words spoken in the ET studio about this to describe it was “Wow, it’s like Tweed in a bottle!” We ran these is a Blackface Twin and they really shined in warmth, sparkle and the breakup was down about 3 db. Next?? A brand new EL34 offering called the EL34 II. Its low mid focus is a little lower than the standard EL34 and it just sounds FAT! It has all the high end and upper mids you would expect from a great EL34 but it just sounds BIG! It’s not as aggressive as the E34L, but everyone who has heard it so far called it their favorite. Check the online store for both of these new offerings!
02/05/15   Just returned from the 2015 NAMM show and the review is up! Check it out here, 2015 NAMM
04/22/15   Just finished our cable shoot out! We have our favorites, which is yours? Checkout the video here;
06/18/15   New caps are in! For you builders out there we now stock the JJ Electrolytic 20X500, 80X500 and 100X500 volt axial caps for the best price around! You can find them in the store here.
03/30/16   Check out the new Eurotubes Hot Tube Grabbers! With the ET Hot Tube Grabber you can grab tubes right out of an amp just seconds after you power down. So if you can’t afford to gig with a spare amp, then toss one of these in the back of your amp or your gig bag and you can pull and replace hot power tubes instantly! You can find them in the online store here.
02/14/17   Check out the new octal JJ 6SN7 and 6SL7. Great additions to the JJ line of tubes! You can find them in the online store here.
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