In January of 2015 we decided to meet with several cable manufactures at the NAMM show with the intent of adding cables to our products. Cables are one of the most requested items by our customers and over the last few years cable quality has come a long way! We first met Mark Stoddard (Lava Cables) back in 2011 and we have been using a number of his cables since. Mark is an all-around great guy and we are proud to offer his products. We were also introduced to Jim Mona by our longtime friend Casey Young. Jim is the “Klotz Cables” rep and was very helpful in getting us setup with some of the Klotz products for our cable shoot out. We were extremely pleased with several of their products. We also met with the Mogami rep, the people from Analysis Plus, the George L rep and the Pig Hog rep. After auditioning a LOT of cables we started thinning the herd for a cable shoot out video. We kept the price point in mind because most players including ourselves can’t justify, or lay down several hundred bucks for a cable! So with that in mind we looked for cables with MAP pricing between $40.00 to $100.00 and we found some real winners! In the shoot out video below you will hear the Blue Demon, the Clear Connect and the Ultramafic from Lava Cables. Along with the LaGrange, the Joe Bonamassa Signature Cable and the Titanium series from Klotz Cables. We also included the “George L” Blue cable with gold jacks. Even though the resistance measured quite high this is a good sounding cable. You will also hear the Black Oval from Analysis Plus. We were intrigued by the idea of an oval wire cable and with the Black Oval priced below $100.00 we ordered one up. When we auditioned it we were sure that something must be wrong with the cable so we called Analysis Plus with our concern and returned the cable for testing. The results were not specified however we received a new cable. The performance was the same, the cable sounded very constricted or choked off and this was worse with hotter humbuckers and less noticeable with single coils. We contacted Analysis about this and asked if they wanted to be included in the shoot out, their answer was “yes” so included they are. We think this phenomenon may be due to the extremely high capacitance we measured. Let your ears be the judge! The samples were played just on the edge of breakup where the most noticeable difference between cables can be heard. The better your speakers are the more difference you will hear.
Here at Eurotubes we have been making our own speaker cables for over a decade. While we have sold many to our local customers who happen to see them in the studio, we have not advertised them for sale. We are now introducing these for sale! They are made of extremely heavy USA made 10 gauge oxygen free copper and large barrel heavy duty GLS jacks. We stock lengths in 3’ and 6’ but you can custom order any length you need and we’ll turn them around for you in 24 hours!
Speaker Cables
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