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Fender has made some of the sweetest sounding Bass amps on the planet. The tone you can get for recording using a vintage Bassman or a Showman is hard to beat. In our studio here we use old vintage SUNN cabs for playing live and rehearsing, but for recording we mic off an and old Dual Showman cab that was built in 1964. Fender history buffs will know that the Blackface Dual Showman did not show up until 1965. The story is the cab we have here Bob bought from the Sunrays Bass player Vince Hozier who lived in Portland years ago. Vince said that after Beach Boys Dad and manager Murry Wilson was fired by the Beach Boys, he offered to manage the Sunrays. Murry didn't think the Showman with a single 15" JBL that Vince was using carried well enough, so Murry called Fender and asked them if they could stuff a Showman cab with two JBL 15's. A few weeks later the cab arrived and the following year in 1965 the first 2X15 Dual Showman was available from Fender. A year later Fender increased the size of the Dual Showman cab making it almost ten inches wider and six inches taller. The photos below are from the ET studio and are Bob’s Fender collection. The Beach Boys Single Showman can which Fender modded for two JBL 15’s is in the lower left corner and is often driven and played with the SUNN 1200S that sits on top of it. One of the current heavyweight tube Bass amps available today is the Fender Bassman 300 Pro. This amp was actually born as a SUNN 300T a couple years back when Fender introduced their new line of SUNN amps. The best of the new SUNN's in our opinion was the SUNN 300T Bass amp and we were very happy to se that after stopping production of the new SUNN's Fender carried on with the 300T in Fender clothing calling it the Bassman 300 Pro. You can now find Retube Kits for the Fender 300 Pro and SUNN 300T in the online store under Full Retube™ kits for SUNN & Fender Bass amps. Retube kits for vintage Fender Bassman amps can be found in the online store under  Full Retube™ Kits For Fender.
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