We want to express our heartfelt thanks for the time we were privileged to know and work with Ted Weber. My son Eddie and I first met Ted at one of the winter NAMM shows years ago. He was engaging, kind and you just knew he was a genuinely good human. We will all miss you dearly Ted.  In these times messages from heaven could be a little louder, so we hope that you will do what you did so well for us all and pump up the volume! We will continue to provide our customers with Weber speakers simply because we feel they are as good as it gets. Your legacy will live on just as you will ROCK ON! Bob.   Weber Products. A note about bias probes. we used to carry the Weber probes but they were discontinued for over a year so in that time we have built our own which you can find here. Eurotubes Bias Probes.    As most of our customers know we have been using and recommending Weber speakers for a very long time. After talking with Ted years ago we decided to carry some select speaker models. We still do this on occasion but do not regularly stock them any more. Our favorite Webers are the Silver Bell and Blue Dog series shown below. We use the Ceramic models in smaller amps like the Blues Jr which are 8 ohm 30 and 50 watt models with light dope. We use either the Ceramic or Alnico Silver Bells or Blue Dogs that are 50 or 75 watters for amps like the Hotrod Deluxe and Peavey Classic 30's. We also work directly with players to recommend other options from Weber so we can help take the guess work out, place the order and drop ship to your door.  Note: There are no returns on speakers.       We use quite a few Weber speakers for our own gear here and the latest cab to receive them is one of Bob’s Marshall 8X10 cabs. A while back I was lucky enough to acquire one of the 80 watt versions with the original 10 watt Celestions and it’s difficult to describe just how sweet this cab sounds! It's unlike anything else. To quote Iggy Pop from his back line equipment rider where they require two vintage Marshall 8X10's "There's Lovely". A while back Bob acquired another 8X10 but it had only three of the original 10's so we earmarked it for a Weber transplant. We wanted it to be able to handle a 100 watt head with no problem. We record a lot here and use isolation rooms so quite often depending on the sound we're after and how much fun we're in the mood for, the volume is cranked. We loaded the cab with four Weber Alnico Silver 10's and four Alnico Blue Pup's all in 30 watt light dope.    So the result? Pretty staggering! Even though we classify Ted's speakers as about the best you can get, we also can't say enough about how sweet the old Celestion 10's are, they are pure magic! In some way we almost hoped that the Weber cab would fall short of the original and in another way we wanted it to be better. Oh ya, results! So they are both borderline indescribable, its almost something that you have to experience first hand, 8X10's are just cool! The original speaker 8X10 is so sweet and warm with the best high end ever and at moderate to higher volumes it sings like an angel. The Weber loaded cab at first listen had a lot more mid range information. We quickly found that dialing in more lows and more highs brought this cab to life like the monster we were hoping for! It was very fat and full sounding and TIGHT! The Webers bring out more of the harmonic complexity in the mids than the original Celestions have and when you dial up the volume the Weber cab really comes alive! The verdict? Win and win. The original is great at lower to moderate volumes because of the 10 watt Celestions and we tend not to push it real hard because finding replacement 10's of this vintage is the other side of impossible. The Weber 8X10 is simply a monster! Monstrous tone and huge sounding! One thing that is not equal in the original comparison is that the Webers were not broken in yet, however that has changed and we can attest to the fact that after 20 to 30 hours they really opened up and sweetened up so we’re really happy with them now! Bob added yet another amp to the Eurotubes studio and even though he’s into vintage gear we also have quite a few new production amps and he felt that this one was definitely worthy of adding to the collection! It's a new production Orange AD30HTC. We were impressed with these when we heard them at the NAMM show and then we had an opportunity to tube a few of them and were equally impressed. Even though it still has the tags on it he picked it up used (3 weeks old) on one of those “you can’t pass it up” deals. After a replacing the tubes which you can read about on the Orange amp page the next item of business was to get the vintage 30's out of the cab and because we wanted to keep the British vibe going with this amp we decided to load it up with a couple Weber Alnico Blue Dogs. Eddie jumped on the project and used a couple 50 watters with light dope shown in the pic below. If you have not checked out the Orange cabs these things are TANKS! They tip the scales at over 75 pounds and as you can see are built very well. Once the cab was together we cranked it up and everyone was all smiles! The Weber's were a huge difference and this makes for one screamin little amp with a VERY British voice that's just a whole lotta fun to play! Thanks Ted! Great speakers!
Weber Speakers
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