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VOX AC15C1 Low Output Standard Retube Kit
Price: $107.00
VOX AC15C1 Low Output Standard Retube Kit
Product Details

Is the sweet spot for your VOX just a little to loud for you? This is our Low Output Standard Retube Kit for the VOX AC15C1 and C2. It contains a matched pair of JJ EL844's for power to drop the overall output a couple decibels along with three ECC83S's one of them being current balanced for the phase inverter in V3. 

The Balanced ECC83S is located in V3 closest to the power tubes.

Combo amps are very hard on tubes because of vibrations which can cause tube rattle with any brand of tube. If your amp is the combo version and you play by yourself in a quiet environment or record with your amp you may want to consider using the EuroDamper tube damper rings for the two EL844’s. These are available in the "Related Products” tab as a set of two and will greatly decrease tube rattle. ** Note; the wire tube retainers will not fit all the way over the damper rings.

These amps are cathode biased, there is no bias adjustment to be made. The JJ EL844’s are a drop in replacement for EL84’s. The EL844’s will reduce the power output of the amp by a decibel or two which is very noticeable.
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