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JJ Electronic 828 Hifi Amp. The list price for the JJ 828 is $4990.00 our price to you is $4300.00
Price: $2,150.00
JJ 828
JJ 828
Product Details

The JJ 828 is a powerhouse Hifi amp of outstanding quality! Designed as an integrated unit with five separate preamp inputs/channels, a tape out or it can be ordered with stereo or mono Sub woofer outs. The amps topology is Push Pull AB1 Ultra linear. The amp is designed around an octet of JJ KT88's utilizing the JJ ECC99's as drivers. The result is 70 watts per channel with excellent bandwidth and pace. Not an amp for the faint of heart!

***Deposit info: At this time all HIFI amps are sold on a custom order basis. The price shown in your cart is the deposit. Once we receive your deposit we will contact you to confirm the lead time and your choice of finishes.  

Lead Time: Average 4-8 weeks.

Shipping: These amps weigh about 100 Lbs! We typically ship them by FedEx 3 day service however we will contact you so can choose how you would like it shipped.

Topology: Ultra-Linear push/pull with five integrated/switchable pre amp inputs.
Output: 70W per channel
Bandwidth: 20Hz-20KHz (-1db down)
Noise Floor: 88db Down
Inputs: Five separate channels. 
Input Sensitivity: .775 volts for max output 
Input Impedance: 25KOhm
Load Impedance: 4 or 8 Ohm (dedicated)
Output Transformer: Custom Double C-Core, Bifilar wound.
Tube Compliment: 8xKT88, 4xECC82, 2xECC99
Weight: 100lbs

General: Once in while when we get the urge to listen at concert levels we will run the JJ 828 thru either a pair, or sometimes four Klipsch Reference 7 (RF-7) cabs. If this sounds a little excessive, IT IS!!  But, it's really fun! The floor shakes, the furniture shakes and YOU shake! 

This is of course only one thing the JJ 828 does, back off the volume and you will hear a great sounding amp. Tight, punchy, soft when its called for and sweet. .

These amps are adjustable bias and extremely simple to dial in. All that's necessary is a small plastic screwdriver. Inquire for details.

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