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Hello Musicians and HIFI Enthusiasts! Welcome to our new website and online shopping portal. As many of you know we’ve been around since 1998 and our existing online store has been in continuous operation since 2004, remaining largely unchanged. Well the time has come for a total overhaul! In the new website you’ll find a complete restructuring of the menu system and shopping cart. Read below for details on these changes. Our new menu system is seamlessly integrated with our shopping cart. This allows you to navigate from almost any page to another without having to pass through a sub-menu. This also allows you to access all of our info (specific amp info, product info and tech specs) without ever having to leave the online store. Although this greatly simplifies the presentation of information, rest assured all of the content hosted within our original website is still available in its entirety. In fact you will find over ninety pages of information not including the store pages! The new shopping cart system has been completely redesigned as well. You’ll find new categories for all of our products. In 2003 Eurotubes was the first to offer “Full Retube™ Kits” and you will find a greatly expanded selection of kits for most all popular amps! On top of the new shopping cart configuration, you’ll also find several new features. These include: Related Products Application Notes Embedded “How To Bias Videos” Tech Specs Data Sheets Extended product Info/Descriptions And finally *Customizable Retube Kits” We’ve added a whole new level of flexibility with our kit customization options. This feature is available on most all Retube Kits where multiple power tube options are applicable. This allows you to completely configure the power tube section within the Retube Kits. For instance, if you own a Marshall JCM800 you’ll find our classic Retube Kits (Standard, High Gain, Gold Pin etc…) and within each kit you can select from all relevant power tube options (EL34 specific amps for instance will be able to select from standard EL34II’s, E34L’s, EL34’s, KT77’s and 6CA7’s). This gives a range of possibilities to suit all needs. Here are some examples. The screenshot below (click to enlarge) shows all the Retube Kits for a 50 watt Marshall 800 that came with EL34’s. The second screenshot below shows the result of selecting a Standard Kit which lists what the kit contains and the fact that if you add it to your cart from this page the power tubes will be the E34L’s. Now notice the blue “Customize” button, the third screenshot below is the page shown when the “Customize” button is clicked. You can now change the power tubes to any of the choices listed! For example you can select the JJ EL34II’s and your kit will now contain the EL34II’s. Looking towards the bottom of the page you can also add equipment to bias your amp if you don’t have them! Ready for another industry first? We call it “Full Custom Retube™ Kits” for specific amp makes we now have fully customizable Kit options. This allows you to not only select from a range of applicable power tube options but also select the individual preamp tubes for each position. The fully customizable kits are designed for those tone freaks that want to pick out each tube in their amp and know exactly what they’re looking for and only need a little guidance to make their selections. This is not for the faint of heart! While we can guarantee that all options are perfectly functional and not harmful, NO guarantees are made that YOUR selection will be the perfect tone! We will however guide you through each choice explaining the function of every tube in your amp to help you dial it in! Check out the screenshot below. Beyond that you’ll now also find real time shipping options and an advanced user control panel where you can track the order status and look up previous purchases. As usual if you have questions about specific tube applications (tonal or technical) we’re all ears and happy to help! You can find us at 503-659-7401 (M-F, 9-5:30, PT) or info@eurotubes.com Thanks for all the years of continued support!! Eurotubes Team!