By Bob Pletka 09/19/11   We have been dealing in Weber speakers ever since I met Ted Weber at the NAMM show back in 2002. He was a great guy and we miss him… We have carried a few of the Weber’s that we like the best (Silver Bells and Blue Dogs) and even though speakers are not what we really do we will try to keep a small stock on hand. That said, we figured it was time to pick up a couple of the Legacy speakers. Eddie tossed two 65 watt 75Hz, 40oz mag, standard dust cover Legacy’s in one of my old 60’s Bassman cabs so we could A/B them to a pair of Vintage 30’s in the same cab. We used my old 66 Bassman for the test which is loaded with a pair of JJ 6V6’s. This amp is really a long story in itself. I have several blackface Bassman amps and the 66 is an anomaly. It thinks it’s a Marshall in every way. At 2 on the dial it’s clean like a Bassman but even at 3 it’s already breaking up and doing so unlike any other Bassman. Eddie and I have had it apart and compared every component to my other Bassman amps and nothing seems to be any different. But set the volume to 5 or above and it rips like a non-master Marshall whether loaded with 6L6GC’s or 6V6’s! Anyway, cutting to the chase, there were no disappointments! The Legacy 12’s are in the cab on the left which was re-grilled and the V30’s are in the cab on the right. The Legacy’s simply sounded better than the V30’s in every way. They were more open and natural with a deeper low end extension and they do indeed capture the vintage Celestion vibe, sweet, warm and the breakup is smooth. Since we were in the speaker listening mode we also put one of my old SUNN 2/12 cabs into the mix which is loaded with a pair of Weber 75 watt ceramic Silver Bells. You can see two of these cabs sitting under a Dual Rec head on the left. We were all very surprised at the difference! The Silver Bells were MONSTROUS and very aggressive compared to the Legacy’s. Eddie described the Silver Bells as explosive, and we all pretty much agreed. The Silver Bells are not harsh at all, they sound great, the Legacy’s also sounded great but mellower like the old Celestions from an early 70’s large check Marshall cab. Both are winners! We probably won’t carry the Legacy’s simply because there are SO many variations, magnet size, cone option, dust cap options etc. So if it’s the vintage Celestion tone you’re after get a hold of Weber! Bob
Weber Legacy Speakers
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