Peavey XXX-JSX-3120 Bias Video
This video is one we decided to do to show how easy it is to bias the Peavey JSX, XXX and 3120 amps using our new Eurotubes "Pro One" Bias Probe. Of course the same procedure can be used on the Bugera amps such as the 333, 1960, 6260 and 6262 amps.  I figured everyone was getting tired of watching me in the bias videos so this one is done by Eddie Pletka (my son).  The most asked question we get is "do I need the bias probe shown in this video to bias my amp." The answer is no. If you're on a budget and the Eurotubes Pro One at $89.00 is not in reach, then the simple bias probe we make and sell for use with any digital Multimeter can be used. The simple bias probes are $25.00 and we even have a supply of "cheap" Multimeters for $10.00 each that do a fine job if you don't have one. The second most asked question is "If I'm using the $25.00 probe and a Multimeter what setting do I use on my multimeter" The answer is Milliamps! The third most asked question is "Do I bias the amp in standby?" The answer is no! The amp must be in the play mode to adjust the bias as seen in the video. The forth most asked question is "Do I have to have a speaker plugged in?" The answer is YES! You MUST have a speaker load on the amp, again, just as shown in the video. The fifth most asked question is "What do I bias KT77's at?" The answer is EL34's, E34L's, KT77's, 6L6's and the big bottle JJ 6CA7's all bias up to between 35 to 40mA in the Peavey JSX, XXX and 3120, as well as the Bugera 333, 1960, 6260 and 6262.
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