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We are in Oregon, so remember there is NO SALES TAX!! We very much enjoy talking or corresponding directly with each customer. So we encourage you to call or email us about the tone and sound your looking for. We're always happy to talk tubes! A special note for players ordering EL84’s for Peavey Classic Series amps, VHT Pitbulls, Mesa, Carvin or any of the fixed bias EL84 amps, please specify your playing style or styles such as Rock, Blues, Jazz etc. Also indicate whether the amp is played at mostly low, moderate or high volume. This will help me choose EL84’s that will either break-up earlier for a Blues style or provide more headroom as preferred by Jazz and Country players. Phone 503-659-7401 / FAX 503-659-7385 We warranty all tubes for a full six months from the date of purchase for manufacturer defects. In other words if a tube simply stops working and is physically in tact we will replace it. We will not warranty tubes that are broken during the installation process. Even with all the testing we do we see about one in three hundred tubes fail which we feel is exceptional. It will be up to our discretion as to whether or not we want a failed tube to be returned. If we need the tube to be returned the shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer. We will of course pay any shipping on a tube that we send out under warranty. We will NOT cover failed power tubes if the amp was not biased properly (this applies to adjustable bias amps), or if the tubes were not installed properly, or the sockets were not cleaned properly, or tubes that were simply burned up due to problems with components in an amp. If you take your tubes to a tech to have them installed we will not warranty them unless the afore mentioned parameters were meet. We reserve the right to void the warranty at our discretion if a third party installs your tubes. There are a lot of very competent techs out there and we sell tubes to quite a few of them, but unfortunately there are also a lot of techs who are neither competent nor trustworthy, so beware.   We cannot accept returns on tubes that have been used. It would be nice if we could offer a "buy - try - return" policy on tubes but this would mean that we would be sending out "used" tubes to other customers and we will not do this. Unused tubes may be accepted if authorized, at our discretion for store credit and subject to a 20% retesting and restocking fee if the tubes and boxes are returned in perfect condition. We cannot warranty tubes that are broken after arrival. Please read about the proper handling and installation of tubes on our FAQ page.
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