Fender Deluxe Bias Video
This video is of a Fender Deluxe Reissue and we are setting a pair of the JJ 6V6's at about 25mA using a bias probe. You can see the bias trim access hole in the video and it looks just like a 1/4" input jack down behind the chock transformer. This video shows us using the Alessandro dual bias probe but you can use just a single bias probe and multimeter as we show in the Generic Marshall 800 bias video. You can of course use the Eurotubes “Pro One” bias probe which will tell you the plate voltage and plate current at the same time. You can use this video as reference for all of the Fender reissue Deluxe's, Super's, Twin's and the Princeton Reverb. A small screwdriver will allow you to turn the adjustment screw and all you need is a bias probe and a multimeter to do the job. We typically bias the JJ 6V6's in Deluxe's to between 22 to as high as 28mA. Super's and Twin's have a higher plate voltage so with the JJ 6L6GC's we see them come out of crossover distortion at about 34mA but we typically like to bias them between 38 to 44mA and most players like them best at 38 to 40mA.
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