Definitive Series Preamp Tubes
In our ever vigilent quest to provide only the highest quality products we are proud to now offer what we call our “Definitive Series Preamp Tubes”. These are dual triode tubes with Curve Traced and Precision Matched sections. All of our 9 pin Novel preamp tubes both standard and Gold Pin such as the ECC83S, ECC803S, ECC83MG, ECC81, ECC82, ECC99 and 12BH7A’s are now available Curve Traced and Precision Matched as singles, pair’s or trio’s. This means that a single dual triode tube will be Handpicked and supplied with a graph showing the curves of both triodes being matched throughout their operating range at full working voltages. Pairs of dual triode preamp tubes will have matching curves and be matched to each other. Trios or three tubes will all be curve matched and matched to each other. The obvious application for Definitive Series tubes is any tube preamp, compressor, or processor and of course any stereo application. For guitar amps we can also Curve Match a Pair or Trio that are High Gain for you guys who simply want the best of the best!
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