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Description: A true kinkless KT88 that is actually beam aligned by hand! This is an amazing tube that sounds as fat as it looks! These are great in old Marshalls, SVT's and almost any amp that uses a 6550. *********** These are available in Red or Blue glass for 2.50 more per tube but are not always in stock so check with me first and note the color in the comments box when you place the order.

KT88 Single
Price: $38.00 
Description: Single.
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KT88 Matched Pair
Price: $76.00 
Description: Matched pair.
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KT88 Matched Quad
Price: $152.00 
Description: Matched quad.
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KT88 Matched Sextet
Price: $228.00 
Description: Matched sextet.
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KT88 Matched Octet
Price: $304.00 
Description: Matched octet.
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KT88 Spring and Cap style Tube Retainers (One set of two)
Price: $5.00 
Description: These are spring and cap style tube retainers to replace the bear trap style retainers. These are what you need if you're using the JJ KT88's in an amp that uses the bear trap retainers. They are easy to change by simply unscrewing the stock retainers and using the same screws to mount the spring retainers. You can see a pic of them over with the tube descriptions on the main website. There are two retaines in a one set.
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