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Carla Pletka Bio
Bio A life long Oregonian, I was raised in the windy Columbia Gorge ( a wind surfing haven).  Enjoyed singing since the age of 5 which started in church..  Started solo vocal performances in the 5th grade.  Also took up the flute that year which was an interest that lasted for about 8 years until I figured out I just wasn’t cut out to be in marching band. The flute did come in handy for some of the Jethro Tull songs we did in the 70’s. My greatest respect to those who love to be in marching band! My first rock band was during my Freshman year of high school and have sang professionally in bands off and on ever since.  Enjoyed studying vocal jazz at Mt Hood CC. Met Bob in my first band after school, had two kids, worked, worked, worked, started Eurotubes and here we are MANY years into the whole life project.. Wow! Time does fly. Currently, I check on the boys once in while to keep them inline! And yes, still singing on projects and in the church choir.   Influences The Divinyls, Cold Blood, Garbage, Alanis Morrissette, Tina Turner, Joni Mitchell, Elli Fitzgerald and Luciano Pavoratti   Gear An Audix OM5 mounted on a UHF Sampson wireless thru a Joe Meek Voice channel pre and TC effects. A few Flutes. A huge five kilowatt PA that takes the guys all day to move and set up... It is sweet though and it will tickle your whatever at 200 feet! Blender Coffee Maker Credit Card Processing Machine Calculator Vacuum (sans tubes)  
Carla Pletka
Carla meets Elviss at NAMM!