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Price: $20.00
GZ34 (5AR4)
GZ34 (5AR4)
Product Details

This tube is as close as it gets the old Mullard GZ34 that we all know and love! In fact the plate construction looks to be almost identical to our large base Mullards with the straight edge plates. We've been using these in Bob's old SUNN amps now for years with great results. They seem to know just when to give-in to get that wonderful rectifier sag. We also use these in Mesa Dual and Triple Rectifier amps in place of the stock 5U4's to get a little less sag but to maintain that rectifier sound. A perfect tube to replace the chinese or sovtek 5AR4's that we have all grown to dislike so much... The JJ GZ34 will get your Deluxe sounding like a vintage amp.

Our GZ34's are tested in a custom rectifier tube test fixture. This unit allows us to select multiple reservoir cap values and it features a standby switch between the reservoir cap and rectifier tube. This standby switch configuration is the absolute hardest on rectifier tubes and commonly used in guitar amps. Replicating this allows us to apply the the full inrush current from the reservoir cap with the rectifier tubes highest rated values. 
The JJ GZ34S is a modern production replacement for all classic GZ34/5AR4 rectifier applications. The JJ is a proper indirectly heated recreation that has the correct voltage output and feel. If you're used to using the Sovtek and Chinese variants you'll be pleasantly surprised.

These tubes are rated for a maximum reservoir capacitance of 60uF. This can be exceeded under the correct conditions. However if great care is not taken, exceeding this rating will greatly shorten the tubes life. 

If you're swapping rectifier tubes of like types the bias will not need be adjusted. If you're substituting dissimilar rectifier tubes the bias should be checked and adjusted as necessary (excepted as noted in our Retube kits).

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