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Eurotubes “Pro One” Bias Probe for octal power tubes

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Eurotubes “Pro One” Bias Probe for octal power tubes
Eurotubes “Pro One” Bias Probe for octal power tubes
Product Details

***The ET Pro One bias probe is going under the knife for an update. We expect to have the updated version available mid September. The functionality, accuracy, and overall design of the Pro One will not change. Rather we're bringing the Pro One into the new decade with updated LED displays and a cleaner front panel design. Stay tuned!***

The ET "Pro One” Bias Probe is an "all in one” bias probe for octal tubes including 6V6's, 6L6's, KT66's, EL34's, E34L's, KT77's, 6CA7's, 6550's and KT88's. It is unique in the fact that it shows you both the plate current and plate voltage simultaneously and it is completely self-contained with no switches, knobs or batteries. The "Pro One” Bias Probe will read out the plate current in the upper readout and the DC plate voltage in the lower readout. Unlike other bias probes the "Pro One” Bias Probe is designed to allow you to play the amp while the probe is installed. So adjust, play, adjust and dial your amp in!

The Pro One was designed to be the ultimate reference bias tool. Each unit is hand assembled and calibrated in-house. It's powered using an extremely small amount of AC heater voltage. This eliminates the need for batteries or external power supplies of any kind. 

The Pro One is built to withstand the operational voltage swings found in high voltage power tube circuits. So unlike other bias tools on the market, you can actually play your amp without removing the probe. This is great if you're experimenting with different idle bias points. (Pleas note we do not recommend leaving your Pro One hooked up to your amp indefinitely...)

Cathode Bias Note: The Pro One uses the cathode connection as its ground reference for the plate voltage measurement. This means the cathode voltage is already subtracted from the plate voltage and figured into the reading (saving you a step).
The video below explains the difference between bias probe types.

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