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E83CC Balanced and Matched

Price: $26.50
E83CC Balanced and Matched
E83CC Balanced and Matched
Product Details
If you need pairs or multiples of this tube matched to each other use this option.

The JJ E83CC is a true Frame Grid style, high quality, low noise replacement for any 12AX7 type tube. These are available with current Balanced triodes for phase inverter use and Balanced and Matched in pairs or multiples.

Sonically the JJ E83CC sounds similar to their classic ECC83S but with a firmer extension in the lows and highs, as well as more definition from top to bottom. In guitar amplifier circuits most users will observe a more open overdriven sound with improved definition and clarity at extreme settings. 
All our preamp tubes are stringently tested for noise and microphonics using Amplitrex testers driving an external amp. There is no extra charge for low noise and microphonics testing like with other tube vendors. Additionally the tubes undergo a battery of tests for basic performance characteristics and faults such as: Emissions, Transconductance, H-K and Grid leakage, etc...  If a tube does not pass our strict performance criteria it's tossed or sent back to JJ Electronic for evaluation.
The JJ E83CC is a true frame grid 12AX7 type that utilizes a historically recognizable short plate design. These tubes utilize a spiral filament which combined with the unique construction characteristics of the classic short plate design provides very low hum and noise figures (typically right in the 4-6nV/√Hz range).

Sonically these tubes have a very even voice with a firmer bass and treble response compared to the classic ECC83S. Audio enthusiasts will love the reduction of higher order distortion harmonics. Guitar players will find that these tubes provide a more open overdriven sound and increased clarity at extreme settings.

The Balanced and Matched selection allows you to order multiple balanced tubes that also match each other to make matched sets of tubes. This is ideal where total symmetry and consistency is desired. This is most commonly requested for Audio applications where parallel signal paths exist (such as a stereo pre amp or drivers in a stereo power amp). 

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