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Description: The EL844 is a low power variant to use in place of an EL84 and will drop into most cathode and fixed biased amps like the Orange AD amps, VOX AC amps, Laney VC amps, Crate V and VC amps including the Palomino, Budda amps, Fender Blues and Pro junior amps. It is also an option for all the 5 watters like the Valve Junior, Blackheart, Mini Cat and others. **If your amp is adjustable bias like the Marshall 201 and 401 then because the EL844 dissipate 9 watts these must biased 25% lower than standard EL84's. ** The EL844 will reduce the power output by 25% which is about a two decibel difference and is quite noticeable, so if you're looking for a modest reduction in output and a great sounding tube the EL844 is here! For those of you who are familiar with the old EL83, the EL844 plate structure is quite similar but the EL844 is NOT a replacement for an EL83!!! It is quite different.

EL844 Single
Price: $12.50 
Description: Single.
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EL844 Matched Pair.
Price: $25.00 
Description: Matched Pair.
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EL844 Matched Quad.
Price: $50.00 
Description: Matched Quad.
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EL844 matched Sextet.
Price: $75.00 
Description: Matched Sextet.
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EL844 Matched Octet.
Price: $100.00 
Description: Matched Octet.
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