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EF806 ( 6267 )  
Description: The JJ EF806 is a premium version of an EF86 and we could not be happier with its tone and performance! I have been asking JJ for this tube for years now and have always stressed the fact that microphonics must be very low. Well they have pulled thru again! Its quieter than any of my NOS EF86's and the construction is almost identical to the Telefunken EF86 and it has the same sweet open sound!

EF806 ( 6267 )
Price: $28.00 
Description: EF806 a high quality replacement for any EF86 type tube. ** All our preamp tubes are stringently tested for noise and microphonics using our Amplitrex tester driving an external amp, so there is no extra charge for low noise and microphonics like other tube vendors charge, we simply toss tubes that do not pass the tests. That said, if you have much experience with EF86 tubes then you know that even the least microphonic tubes will have a tough time not ringing in a combo amp, so if you're using the EF806 in a combo amp we highly recommend using one or two of our Damper Rings on the tube. Please leave us a note in the comments box on the checkout page to let us know what amp you will be using these in.
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