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The new Tube Coffee Mugs are here! After receiving many requests for “Tube Girl” coffee mugs we finally found a source that could do her justice! Most all screen companies can only print an image that is two inches tall but our source has really brought her to life at just less than four inches. These will not fade in the dishwasher either.

Eurotubes Tube Girl Coffee Mugs

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08/30/11 Baseball Jersey style shirts! We printed up two different styles this time, the first is in very cool "Olive Green and Dark Green" which is long sleeved, and in "Smoke Gray and Black" which is a 3/4 sleeve. These are the highest quality Jersey Tee shirts we could get and they are 100% pre shrunk cotton just like the Black and Vintage Cream Tee's! They are available in the online store in Large and XLarge. We also have a new run of the standard Black Tee's.

Eurotubes Tube Girl Coffee Tee ShirtsEddie Pletka in Eurotubes Tube Girl Tee  

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Then there are the new Tube Girl stickers! These are 3" X 4" vinyl bumper stickers that are UV coated so you can stick them on windows, bumpers, guitar cases, amps, girl friends and just about anywhere! These are now in the online store for 1.00

Eurotubes Tube Girl Stickers

Tee shirts are in the online store in both classic Rock & Roll Black and Vintage Cream!

The centerpiece artwork was done by local Portland artist Amanda Davis. I discussed the project with her back in September and conveyed the concept as a 40's to 50's pinup style with a very happy and classy lady riding a rather large tube! After getting the general idea sketched out Amanda was finished with the piece a couple weeks later. I scanned the original, added the text and headed for the screeners. It turned out that it was going to be a 14 screen print. That's correct FOURTEEN screens!!

So many of you had requested the Tee's in a different color like white that we decided experiment and ended up with a Vintage Cream color which looks outstanding!   

Craig says YIKES! These are cool!

Ed's on the right in the new Vintage Cream color shirt.

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Eddie Pletka in Eurotubes  Tube Girl Tee 2
Bob Pletka in Eurotubes Tube Girl Hoodie

This is a shot of the long sleeved Hooded sweatshirt available in the online store. It's heavy duty!


Eddie Pletka in Eurotubes Tube Girl Tee 3


We will still have the original Eurotubes T Shirts which are vivid nine screen beauties depicting a tube powered Earth!

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Check out the new Sweat shirts! These are heavy duty and available in the online store for 25.00


I'm starting to get customer Tee shirt pic's! I will post them as they come in!

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present, THE WALL! You can find him here, www.myspace.com/ifindoubtchug

Please note the lovely Mrs with a "Tubes are good" sticker! The Wall also found other useful places for Eurotubes stickers!


Danie Powers of Powers Court. Check them out!


Tony V from Jurassica at the Carlisle pub in Hastings UK


Tony V from Jurassica again on tour in Skiathos Greece Brandon K
Paul Quinn Brett Grimm
Crunchmaster Chris Mike & Dennis The Sneakerkings Frankie Martinez Vegard Bakken and a Friend from Norway


Craig Hanan Rubinstein Larry & 1974X Mike Spitzer


Carl Dorsch Rob L Rik Michael Egan