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Weber The Best In Speakers!  


These are beautiful amps both inside and out!

Jack Anderson is a master craftsman when it comes to both build quality and tone and I don't know of a better value on planet earth!


Another master craftsman who we all know from SUNN fame is Conrad Sundholm who is now making hand wired amps again! His amps are the real deal, I've played them myself! Check them out!


Amp repair and mods!

For you Hifi guys who are into Vinyl check this out!




High quality Loop Boxes


The 65 Amps were the best at the 2006 NAMM Show


Tired of chris greene's, all hail the king fender forum? Try this forum!



Give Mark a call if your looking for great cables at a great price!



If you prefer to deal with an independent supplier on strings and accessories checkout USStrings


ClassicRevamp Amps

Vintage Upgrades for Classic Amps


Here is a site that carries some good info for you shredder type players!

If you need a great tech in the Michigan area contact Enzo!

Link to Myra Lease ( my bands site )

Uncle Spot

Check out some gorgeous guitars built by David Myka



Custom Steel Pedal boards!!