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JJ Capacitors

JJ Electronic is now offering high quality Electrolytic capacitors. I am stocking a few of the most common of these. The factory description is as follows:

JJ electrolytic polarized caps are made of etched aluminum foil and sealed in an aluminum can covered by heat shrinkable P.V.C. Long life is insured by the use of a special eco-electrolyte. The aluminum case is insulated from the inner elements and is not used as a negative pole. The caps are fitted with a fail-safe device to prevent electrical overload. Climatic category is 25/070/56. Caps are able to supply a high, fast charge and have minimal changes in value during their life span.

Caps are designed for high end Hi-Fi and for general use in input/output stages, power supplies and filters.

Compared to the standard one strip lead construction JJ Electronic offers a unique system of double strip leads from the anode electrode winding. This method allows a very fast discharge of power and because of the design the cathode electrode is connected at the bottom side of the winding. This attribute is very important in high end Hi-Fi.

Over the years the number of OEM's and tech's that are using the JJ Caps has grown exponentially. They are now "the" choice of the vast majority of tech's recapping Marshall and Marshall style amps as well as many others. They are very fast, quiet and sound great.

Below is a picture of the machine used to wind the foil for the caps and a couple of the JJ caps, a 32 X 32 X 500 volt and a 50 X 50 X 500 volt.
Eurotubes JJ Electronic Cap machine Eurotubes JJ Electronic Caps