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JJ High end amps

JJ Electronic is now offering a full line of  very high end Hifi amps. The first is a dual mono-block stereo amp using two 300B’s on each side. A total of four 300B’s in a classic single ended Class "A" design having a total output of 20 watts per side. This amp weighs 100lbs! The transformers are huge.

The second class A setup are the JJ239 mono blocks which are a lower power pair of separate mono block amps using the JJ 2A3-40 tubes for power.

JJ Electronic also offers the JJ 243 all tube preamp which is a top notch preamp for use with the JJ 322 and the JJ 239 mono blocks. You can read a customer review of the JJ 2A3-40 here.

The third offering is the JJ 828 which is an all tube integrated pre-amp and amp using eight (that’s right EIGHT!) KT88’s in a special ultra-linear design to produce 70 watt RMS per side!  ((Read the review on the JJ 828 published in Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine))

The forth and latest amp is the JJ 543 which is an all tube integrated pre-amp and amp using four 6L6GC's ( two per side ) in a classic push pull configuration producing 35 watts per channel.

On my second visit to JJ Electronic in April 2001 I returned with one of the JJ 322 amps and one of the new JJ 828 integrated amps. I was very impressed with what I heard at the JJ factory but there is nothing like listening to an amp in a familiar setting like your own living room. I was used to listening to one of my old 60 watt tube amps and a variety of other amps that come in for new tubes so I was sure that the 828 would have no problem filling my living room which is about 20' X 50' with 14' ceilings. I run four custom made three way Transmission line speakers with 10" woofers. These cabinets are only about 88 to 89db efficient so I was not worried about the 828 but I was not to sure that the 322 would have the power to fill the room.

First up was the JJ 828. This is a VERY nice amp and even has a remote for switching to any of the five channels and it has a remote volume control which is actually motor driven, very cool! My son and I put on some Robin Ford at about half volume and sat back for a listen. Too say that we were impressed would be putting it mildly. I've had a lot of nice amps through here like Conrad-Johnson, McIntosh, Jolida, Quicksilver, Golden Tube Audio to name a few and the JJ 828 ranks right at the top of the scale compared to any push pull or ultra linear amp that I've heard. It's very warm and dynamic and stays true all the way up to maximum volume. The detail is wonderful and the sound stage is very big. We listened to several cuts at about three o'clock on the volume dial and then realized that this thing was LOUD! It's so clean that the volume just kind of sneaks up on you, so with a touch of the remote I set the volume to a much lower level for some low volume listening. The 828 is very linear and sounds stellar at any volume.

Next up was the 322. I wanted to hear the amp and nothing but the amp so I ran my CD player directly in to the 322 and after letting a little heat build up I set the volume control at half way up and we revisited the same cut we started with on the 828. My son and I looked at each other in total disbelief. The two EM84 signal indicator tubes were closing about half way, the room was filled with music at a very nice level and the sound was so lush and warm it gave me chills! I reached up and dialed up the volume ( no remote on this baby ) to where the indicators were just meeting in the middle. Neither one of us could stop smiling! I could not believe that 20 watts a channel could deliver this kind of performance. The sound stage was HUGE. I have not heard this much class A power since I auditioned the KR Enterprise amps when I was in Prague and the JJ 322 is much warmer than the KR amps which are the most powerful class A amps I've heard to date. The 322 is a real winner and has won a permanent place in my heart and living room. The craftsmanship as with the 828 is top notch. So whether you're looking for a tube powerhouse that is incredibly pure, or the most gorges class A sound the JJ amps deliver!

The JJ 243 is a four channel preamp with a Phono stage that has separate dip switches for each channel to compensate for different cartridges. It uses two ECC82 and two E88CC tubes up top and four more E88CC tubes located internally for the phono stage. It's a hefty 30 lbs and beautifully finished to match the JJ 322 and JJ239 amps. It has two separate outputs so you can drive two stereo amps and another left and right outputs that are non-volume compensated.

In the past I had tried different preamps in front of the JJ 322 and not been very impressed with anything which is why I have been running my Njoe Tjoeb 4000 tube driven CD player directly in to the JJ 322. Well, all that has changed, enter the JJ 243 preamp. Just when I though it couldn't get any better, it did! The first time I listened to the JJ 243 in front of the JJ 322 I could not believe the difference. The sound stage was bigger, the low end had more extension, there was a high end sparkle with even more detail and the overall sound was even warmer than before, a perfect match! I'm currently running the JJ 243 into the JJ 322 and running a pair of Klipsch Reference Seven cabs.

For several years now we have been enjoying one of the JJ 543's in the office! It runs about 10 hours a day on average thru a pair of Klipsch Reference RB-35's and it's warm sound and spectacular detail are top notch for a push pull circuit. This amp is completely remote controlled ( yes! An all remote all tube amp! ) I can switch between any of four channels and control the volume from my desk! For Hifi enthusiasts looking to get into a real all tube setup for cheap this is a great way to go. The JJ 543 lists for about 1800.00 depending on the exchange rate and you can contact us directly to see what we can do for you on the price. The kicker is that JJ just released the new JJ 283 which is a phono stage preamp for the JJ 543. Reviews to follow.

Below are the factory spec’s and some photos of these amps.

These amps are a work of art. If you are interested please contact me directly at 503-659-7401.

JJ 543 Integrated power tube stereo amplifier


JJ 828 Integrated power tube stereo amplifier

Stereo single-ended tube amplifier (dual monoblock) model JJ 322 - pure class A. 300B parallel
Eurotubes JJ Hifi 1

JJ 243 Preamp and the JJ 322 Dual Mono Block Amp


Eurotubes JJ Hifi 2

JJ 243 Preamp


Eurotubes JJ Hifi 3

JJ 828 Integrated Amp and the JJ 322 Dual Mono Block Amp


Eurotubes JJ Hifi 4

The JJ 543 Integrated Amp